Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Rain and the threat of rain seem to be the focus of these monsoon days. This morning when I took the dogs into the state land behind the house, heading toward the Catalinas, I was astounded at how green everything has become! Grass, flowers and weeds have filled in all the dry sandy spaces. If it weren't for the cacti I might think I was in Scotland!

A certain sweet smell wafts toward me on the humid air and searching I find a low growing yellow flower with leaves that remind me of geranium. So far I have not identified it. A bush that I thought was dead is now covered with small almost heart shaped leaves. At the bottom of the hill a stream now flows where it was dry and dusty only a few weeks ago. The rain has brought many changes to the desert.

Our neighbor has identified the fast growing vine that twists through the cat's claw acacia trees. It's known as Coyote Melon. He tells us that when the seeds dry you can shake the gourd--legend has it that that's where coyote lives during the day. I must find out more about this.

The mornings have been cool but sometimes temps and humidity rise to stifling before the clouds build bringing the afternoon rain. The day before yesterday it was nearly 100* with 69% humidity--a half hour later it had dropped to 69*!

I keep the dogs on the leash now despite their pulling and frantic attempts to follow the scents they pick up on the moist air. I don't want to take any chances even though I have yet to see a snake out there. I keep my eyes on the ground ahead of us, scanning as we walk.

Sunsets have been spectacular--


  1. Sounds very appealing... staying in Sedona back in 92-93 made me appreciate the desert smells, especially of rain in the distance.