Saturday, July 14, 2012

snakes on a trail

This morning while my dogs ran willy-nilly across the desert landscape I wondered: what do snakes do on a coolish, humid morning after a rain? I called the dogs back to the trail and put them on far, I have not seen a snake on our early morning walks but according to locals that isn't because they aren't there. Hmmm...

I've actually been more worried about the Colorado River toads but upon speaking to an aversion trainer yesterday I may have changed my mind. He told me that most dogs, unless they are prone to seizures, will not die from the toads--in fact, he continued, some dogs get addicted to the hallucinogenic stuff the toads exude and so go back for more! Upon reflection I can't see my standard poodle doing more than nosing a toad--he isn't the biting and killing type.

And so, instead of signing up for toad aversion training, I signed my dog up for the rattlesnake aversion training. According to this man you will ALWAYS end up at the vet after a snake bite.

This morning, however, my dog got bitten by a large black ant...they are all over one section of the trail and to avoid them we would have to either run or go around.

Because it rained like crazy yesterday and early this morning our morning walk didn't happen until around seven a.m. instead of six or even earlier. I have to admit I've felt somewhat claustrophobic stuck in the house while the sun and humidity continue to rise. I think our rv trip for three weeks was not a good idea. We left in the dry heat of June and came back in July to humidity and bugs. The gradual change of the monsoon season would have been easier to take. In any case I'm getting used to it now and even liking the effect of the moist air on my skin.

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