Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beauty and the beast

My morning walk in the desert was like being in paradise, the sound of birds, the smells of Catsclaw Acacia blooms and Palo Verde blossoms filling the air. I am so grateful to live in such a place.

But underneath my happiness lies the truth of what's going on in this country and around the world, the assault on animals. First it was the killing contests here in Tucson and then I heard that the Fish and Game Department is not only condoning these practices but encouraging them. Grizzlies, an animal I thought was protected, are being killed, as well as wolves and other predators. I've sent money, I've sent letters, I've posted on FB, I've tweeted. I am now going to write a letter to Obama and see if I get a response. We have to preserve these creatures for future generations. Without animals this earth would be a bitter place.

I blame the lack of concern or even awareness partially on electronic devices. This morning a man jogged by me with earbuds--listening to music instead of taking in the music of the desert. Kids are no longer allowed to wander the woods and examines the bugs, snakes and creatures who inhabit this planet along with humans. Fear drives everything. Pesticides are being dumped into the environment in the name of food production but in reality they are poisoning the earth and making it harder and harder to raise crops without them. The GMO companies like Monsanto are taking over food production across the globe and there is no entity strong enough to stop them.  Insects, butterflies, bees and frogs and a million other creatures are disappearing quicker than we know. If you can, support your local organic growers--this is the only way to combat big agra.

I have several links to share that can bring you up to speed if you are not aware of what's going on.…/wildlife-services-04-1…this one is horrifying. This is an article addressing the pervasive attitudes that need to stop.

Here's a link to an organization dedicated to preserving coyotes:

There are like minded people out there but in order to stop the government organizations and the attitudes that go along with them we all have to raise out voices.

Thank you for reading.

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