Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's February now and we've had some perfect days after a bout of VERY cold weather in early January. For six days we had temps in the low 20's. We covered Fred, the saguaro with a tall dish pack left over from our move and used other boxes to protect the Mexican fencepost and other small cacti  we've planted. On top of the cold we had wind for several days which had me scurrying to replace blown off boxes. Needless to say we were glad when temps rose again to more normal ranges! Glad I thought to do some heavy watering before the cold snap. Now the temps at night are in low 50's or high 40's, daytime hovers around 65-70...perfect for hiking.

The quail are pairing up now, their pleasant calls again echoing across the desert. I'm afraid the possibility of them making a nest in our backyard is out, due to the cat. Haven't noticed any diminishment of doves--they are still the hogs that they've always been. (never thought I'd be down on doves) Goldfinches have turned BRIGHT yellow and seem to be appearing at only certain times of day. The Roadrunner has not been seen in a few weeks--the last time he appeared was on a very cold day and I wasn't sure what he was--he had perched on the back wall of the yard with his feathers puffed out and I thought he was a hawk! But after a few minutes he turned back into a roadrunner and then headed under the bird feeders where he morphed into a dove! I swear even his coloring changed. I am fascinated by these members of the cuckoo family. Possibly the reason he has not been sited, nor his mate, is because it's spring here. I look forward greatly to seeing some baby roadrunners in the next couple of months.

Another winter visitor has been the Cooper's Hawk who has landed in the Palo Verde in the front yard, sitting like a statue, waiting for his chance. So far I have not seen him catch anyone but he is beautiful and stately, and welcome, despite the smaller birds fright..

The coyotes are pairing as well, I've noticed. Our dog loves them or at least loves to chase them--think he wants a playmate but of course they ignore him and go on their way.

Our cat has taken to climbing up the wooden posts outside to get on the roof. This wouldn't be a problem except she needs a ladder to get down--we are looking into a traditional wooden one that will add to the appearance rather than the aluminum extension ladder that sits at the ready...today we stopped in at Borderlands, a Mexican import store that has funky painted furniture. As well as discussing the ladder we found a corner cabinet for our bathroom that was cheap and perfect...

And the best news of all is that it's becoming warm enough again in the evenings to sit out with a glass of wine--something I've missed. All in all it still feels like a vacation spot and I hope I never take it for granted.

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  1. Those Road Runners sound pretty cunning - especially if they're related to the Cuckoo! The weather sounds nice... we're getting snow here!