Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Spring seems to have sprung! Walking through the desert I've been astounded to see leaves bursting out on the trees, all the Ocotillo's in full leaf...this is after examining them for the past month or so for buds. That is not what happens here--instead of bursting buds the trees go from looking completely dead to leaves within a day or two. Wildflowers, in various colors and sizes, dot the landscape like bright gems. The angle of the sun has changed--I can see the goddess in the mountain once again.

We've had the same old javelina several nights in a row and sometimes he's still here in the early morning. He finished off the block of seeds I put out for the quail and doves--I could hear him gnawing on it. Of course with the full moon other animals have been coming around as well--this morning I heard a gunshot from our neighbor who called a few minutes later to tell me it was a warning shot to scare off a scruffy mountain lion. I wondered why our cat and dog were so subdued this morning and no birds at the feeders! He said that right after the lion he saw a beautiful coyote coming across our land to the north...I've seen this male before and he's truly a magnificent specimen.

The way our house is situated we have missed the bobcat and mountain lion sightings and because of the wall around our back yard we don't always see the roadrunners. But the cat and dog are safe there and they know it. A few nights ago a pack of coyotes were very close to the house and Buddha managed to howl, which they answered. I couldn't see them, which was frustrating. It sounded like an enormous group but from what I've read they throw their voices. During these past few months their calls have changed, turning into more haunting high-pitched cries mixed in with the normal yipping that goes on. I have  deduced that the babies from last year are now traveling in the pack and making these different sounds. It's really funny how they all shut up at once, as though the leader holds up a paw signaling quiet.

Along with the Costas, Annas and Black-chinned, we've had several new species of hummingbirds coming to the feeders--don't know if they're traveling through or summer residents. They've been hard to identify. Quail are pairing up. But unfortunately they won't be able to nest in our yard again since we've redone it, taking out the planter boxes AND we now have a cat that hunts.

We will enjoy the gorgeous weather until it grows too hot and then I plan to take a trip up to the Pacific northwest, getting out of here for the month of June which is purported to be the hottest one!

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