Sunday, January 11, 2015

Humans encroaching!

I moved to the Sonoran desert for several reasons: one was to be in an area with fewer humans where my dog could be off leash without annoying everyone. I also moved here to experience wildlife in a place that was not built up. Two and a half years later the building going on in Oro Valley, and I suppose Marana as well, is absolutely astounding! I don't begrudge anyone the right to live in a beautiful place but without proper water usage regulation, water catchment basins and planning for the influx of people it's very upsetting to witness. (composting toilets maybe??) On my last trip to the zoo I read a sign that said our water table loses 3 to 4 feet every year. Does anyone care? I heard MaCain say we won't turn anyone away.

Oracle road is being widened to accommodate the rising population and telephone lines have appeared where there were none before. An over pass is being built for animal crossing...are you kidding? are they planning to put a sign out for the coyotes, that says 'cross here'? I've been seeing a lot of dead coyotes along the side of the road already. But to be fair at least they're thinking about the animals--maybe there's a way to do it. I'm very glad to live a few miles away
in an area of double wides and manufactured homes and only hope that the state land behind us doesn't suddenly decide to cash in on the housing boom.

Recently I was up visiting a friend in Silver City who has 40 acres on a mountaintop. I've always loved being there because there's so much wildlife. She's even had bears on her property. But this trip was disturbing since the two women who sold her the property have hired a trapper to set traps to catch the critters who are eating their chickens. These are the ones that catch an animal by the leg and maim it. And why in hell they can't enclose her chickens is beyond me! Indiscriminate killing over a few chickens? Give me a break! and yet my friend says that she has no recourse to stop this since there is no law against these inhumane traps.

The world is shrinking around us and wildlife is disappearing as the human population grows. My husband says people want no surprises. They want their lives to be predictable and controllable. I wish they understood the web of life. Without critters we as a species will not survive. I don't understand the mentality that fails to understand what wildlife has to give. I don't want to only see animals in zoos.

On a lighter note the coyotes have been calling at night but their calls are high-pitched and far away. Javelinas have been chowing down on our compost. We bought a fire pit and have had several bonfires in the past weeks. I think the birds are beginning to nest or at least build nests. The desert behind us still retains its magic and the cloud shadows on the Catalina's still mesmerize.

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