Friday, February 6, 2015

Coyotes and other beautiful creatures of the Sonoran desert

Found out early this past week about an organization that is nationwide called Predatory Masters. What these people do is travel  around the country to go hunting, mostly killing coyotes and leaving their carcasses in the desert to rot. And to lure these unsuspecting creatures they use calls of baby coyotes in distress. They are about as despicable as they can get.

When I contacted the organization by e-mail  with questions, the person who answered me had something like this to say:
'We do this because these animals compete with us for food' oh really? I haven't eaten a wild rabbit lately or a ground squirrel or even a mouse or rat. And I haven't seen a coyote bring down a cow lately.

"We are a superior race," was his other comment which I also beg to differ with--who besides humans soils their nest and kills just for the pleasure of it?

I cannot even express how upset I am about this. These hunters are banned in California and New Mexico is working to ban them but here in Az. the fish and game give them a green light with no limits on kills...who is protecting these creatures who live here?

There are several protests scheduled this weekend with the hopes that they will realize they aren't welcome here but anyone with this kind of mentality will not be scared away by the likes of us, I'm sure.

We need to write letters to fish and game who are complicit in all of it and demand a stop to it!

If you live in Az and feel the way I do please do whatever you can to put a stop to this practice--nothing is protected here, not even mountain lions.

Thanks for reading.

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